PDX Darlings the Micro Edition 11/19/17

1. I answer a question: 

What are our pet peeves about attending, hosting and participating in small art-events?

2. I make a recommendation:

The Trail Keepers of Oregon Fundraiser - November 24th at Migration Brewing, 5pm to 7pm. Catered event. Bring twenty dollars! (Wildfire restoration!) 

3. I tell a story:

I talk about my book tour for my first book, One More for the People, and some weird and funny things that happened to me at my readings. 

4. I talk about my projects. 

Beeswing Listening Bee and The People's Guide to Portland

5. I share with you one thing I learned this week:


Editors note: Sorry for the coughing and static in the beginning of the epsiode. AND what I am referring to about the fundraiser is the awful forest fires that happened in the Columbia River Gorge this last fall. 

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