Hey Folks!  After a long hiatus, I come back to the podcast to tell you why I've been away.... ALSO Graceann, Rachael and I talk about the film "I Do...View Details

Rachael, Graceann and I discuss the film "Tangerine" Our next movie is "Castaway on the Moon"    Thanks for listening! 

Rachael, Graceann and I discuss Taika Waititi's "Boy"   Vote for Somnambulist Zine as "Best Portland Zine" here: Details

I interview Katie Guinn, artist, designer and writer from Portland OR 1. How do you practice your art when you're a parent? 2. Katie recommends two mo...View Details

Rachael, Graceann and I discuss the Japanese comedy horror movie House.   Enjoy!

Hey Folks! In this week's episode I answer a creative question: When should I give my work away for free? I give a recommendation: The Netflix Doc "W...View Details

We're introducing a new segment to PDX Darlings! Here's our first Movie Edition!  Graceann, Rachael and I discuss "I Shot Andy Warhol", the 1996 film...View Details

Hello! I have a guest today! Poet and essayist July Westhale and I sat down for a nice long chat! We recorded at the Sou'Wester Lodge in Seaview Washi...View Details

This is a bit of a downer of an episode. Trigger warning: talk of suicide, depression and hopelesness.  1. I talk about how to deal with depression a...View Details

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