PDX Darlings Microedition 1/12//18 I'm catsitting Flash the cat! He's guarding my hard drive. He doesn't want me to speak publicly about his sinus pro...View Details

I talk about Collage and New Year's Resolutions!! (Note- this podcast is only twenty minutes long!! NOT an hour...)  1. I talk about what is so cool ...View Details

This week I talk about inspiration, The Crown, Muppets in Lowriders and so much more! 1. I answer a creative question about inspiration. 2. I make a r...View Details

Hello from the Oregon Coast!  1. I give recommendations about great Thai food, Nathan talks about his new approach to reading more books and Frani re...View Details

PDX Darlings for the last week of November! Thanks to all my new Patreon subscribers!   1. I answer a question about the creative life: When and how ...View Details

Wow! I talk about Artistic Jealousy, Kung Fu, West Side Story and I mention Fritos for the second week in a row! (I realize it doesn't make sense when...View Details

PDX Darlings the Micro Edition 11/19/17 1. I answer a question:  What are our pet peeves about attending, hosting and participating in small art-even...View Details

Welcome to a CREEPY Episode of PDX Darlings the Micro-Edition - I talk about the holidays, hometown murder, conspiracy theories and artistic collaora...View Details

PDX Darling Microedition, 11/7/17 1. I answer a question: How do you avoid cultural appropriation as an artist? (Listen to the end of the episode to h...View Details

PDX Darlings The Rome Edition The format for this week's show: 1. I answer a question: How do you do creative work when you're tired?  2. I make a re...View Details

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