PDX DARLINGS, Episode 5, Rewild Portland, Peter Bauer

September 16, 2015

Host Martha Grover interviews Peter Bauer of REWILD PORTLAND. 

Rewild Portland is: an environmental education focused non-profit organization serving Portland, Oregon and the surrounding wild and rural communities.
Peter is an old friend and a total bad ass. 

PDX DARLINGS, Episode 4, Know Your City

September 8, 2015

I interview Marc Moscato and Amanda Tillstrom of Know Your City, a local non profit at the intersection of Art, local history, social justice and education here in Portland, Oregon


PDX DARLINGS - Alex Wrekk and Joshua James Amberson, Portland Zine Symposium

June 26, 2015

A great conversation about all things "zine" with Joshua James Amberson of Antiquated Future Distro and Alex Wrekk of Portland Button Works and Stolen Sharpie Revolution. 

The Portland Zine Symposium will be held at the Ambridge Event center on July 18th and 19th - The event is totally free! 
Look for more information about the Portland Zine Symposium at: http://www.portlandzinesymposium.org

Episode 2, Anthony Alvarado

March 8, 2015

I talk with Anthony Alvarado, author of DIY Magic. Also, a story by Martha Grover from Tad's Storytelling night in January. Music by Michael Grover


PDX Darlings Episode 1, Huy Pham

February 24, 2015

I interview Huy Pham, founder of Ashes to Ashes, Twelve Hour Dancer, and producer of Eleven. Huy and I talked at his office about dance, break dancing, not going to college and finding god. 

If you are interested in the hip hop book I mentioned during the interview you can check it out here: http://somnambulistzine.com/shop/portland-hip-hop-four-essays-on-style-and-place
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