This week I talk about discouragement, #metoo, bananas and much more! 

1. I answer a question: How do you deal with feeling discouragement?

2. I make a recommendation: 

Bananaland, a documentary about...you guessed it...Bananas!


Susan de Freitas' class through litreactor.com

3. I tell a story: Inspired by the #metoo campaign I tell a story about that time I received several letters from Johnny Cash's grandson

5. I talk about my breasts (projects)

a. Beeswing Listening Bee - Tomorrow, October 17th! 

b. Literary Arts Class: The Micro Essay, Tuesday nights in November

c. November 10th 7pm at ILWU Local 5 Gallery Wordstock reading with Perfect Day Publishing

6. I tell you one thing I learned this week: Newsflash - It's about bananas!! 

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