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PDX Darlings Micro Edition 10/10/17

Posted on October 10th, 2017


This week there are no less than five sneezes in this episode! (Some human, most feline)

1. I answer a question: How do I find a mentor?

(Hint: it's a trick question!)

2. I make a recommendaiton: Lemons and Fairy Tales

3. I tell a story: That time my grandmother gave me the Greek God of Bargains "As Is" and my father and I lose our shit at a storage facility. 

5. I talk about my breasts (projects)

a. Olympia Zine Fest

b. Know Your City, People's Guide to Portland

c. Banana Essay (I forgot to mention that the people in Central America who have kidney disease are banana and sugar cane workers)

6. I tell you one thing I learned this week: Positive and Negative Feedback Loops


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