I have a guest today! Poet and essayist July Westhale and I sat down for a nice long chat! We recorded at the Sou'Wester Lodge in Seaview Washington. 

1. July and I talk about the problem of Imposter Syndrome

2. We make recommendations! 

I recommend the Amazon series The Man in The High Castle And July recommends you Must Remember This Podcast

3. I tell a story about wind and July tells a story about warm beans!

4. We talk about our projects

5. I share something I learned about Bernie Madoff and July shares something she learned about Elizabeth Taylor

It was so much fun chatting with July! (I had three glasses of wine that night...first time with a guest and first time ending the podcast a little tipsy! oops!) 

You can find out more about July at: julywesthale.com

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