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PDX Darlings Microedition 11/19/17

Sunday, November 19th, 2017

PDX Darlings the Micro Edition 11/19/17

1. I answer a question: 

What are our pet peeves about attending, hosting and participating in small art-events?

2. I make a recommendation:

The Trail Keepers of Oregon Fundraiser - November 24th at Migration Brewing, 5pm to 7pm. Catered event. Bring twenty dollars! (Wildfire restoration!) 

3. I tell a story:

I talk about my book tour for my first book, One More for the People, and some weird and funny things that happened to me at my readings. 

4. I talk about my projects. 

Beeswing Listening Bee and The People's Guide to Portland

5. I share with you one thing I learned this week:


Editors note: Sorry for the coughing and static in the beginning of the epsiode. AND what I am referring to about the fundraiser is the awful forest fires that happened in the Columbia River Gorge this last fall. 


PDX DARLINGS, Episode 5, Rewild Portland, Peter Bauer

Wednesday, September 16th, 2015

Host Martha Grover interviews Peter Bauer of REWILD PORTLAND. 

Rewild Portland is: an environmental education focused non-profit organization serving Portland, Oregon and the surrounding wild and rural communities.
Peter is an old friend and a total bad ass.