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PDX Darlings Micro Edition 12/10/17

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Hello from the Oregon Coast! 

1. I give recommendations about great Thai food, Nathan talks about his new approach to reading more books and Frani recommends the Righteous Mind!

2. Rachael, Michael, Zoe and I tell stories from the Oregon Coast.

3. Mike Sr and I talk about our latest projects.

4. Ana and I share what we learned this week.

5. Bekah sings a song!


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PDX Darlings Microedition 11/19/17

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PDX Darlings the Micro Edition 11/19/17

1. I answer a question: 

What are our pet peeves about attending, hosting and participating in small art-events?

2. I make a recommendation:

The Trail Keepers of Oregon Fundraiser - November 24th at Migration Brewing, 5pm to 7pm. Catered event. Bring twenty dollars! (Wildfire restoration!) 

3. I tell a story:

I talk about my book tour for my first book, One More for the People, and some weird and funny things that happened to me at my readings. 

4. I talk about my projects. 

Beeswing Listening Bee and The People's Guide to Portland

5. I share with you one thing I learned this week:


Editors note: Sorry for the coughing and static in the beginning of the epsiode. AND what I am referring to about the fundraiser is the awful forest fires that happened in the Columbia River Gorge this last fall. 


PDX Darlings Micro Edition 10/30/17 (Rome Edition!)

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PDX Darlings The Rome Edition

The format for this week's show:

1. I answer a question: How do you do creative work when you're tired? 

2. I make a recommendation: What About The Rest of Your Life - by Sung Yim, Multnomah Falls Lodge

3. I tell a story: I talk about my trip to Rome with the Rick Steves tour and the strange workings of my own mind.

4. I talk about my projects.

5. I tell you one thing I learned this week. 

Thanks for listening!

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PDX Darlings Micro Edition 10/7/17

In my new series "PDX Darlings Micro-Edition" I spend a few minutes talking to you about the creative life! 

This is the format for today's show:

1. I answer a question about the creative life

TJ asks: Where do you make copies for your zines?

How do you make your covers?

2. I make a recommendation:

She's All Fat - A body positive podcast!

3. I tell a story

I tell a story about my grandpa Frank and his memory loss

4. I talk about my projects!

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PDX DARLINGS, Episode 5, Rewild Portland, Peter Bauer

Host Martha Grover interviews Peter Bauer of REWILD PORTLAND. 

Rewild Portland is: an environmental education focused non-profit organization serving Portland, Oregon and the surrounding wild and rural communities.
Peter is an old friend and a total bad ass. 

PDX DARLINGS, Episode 4, Know Your City

I interview Marc Moscato and Amanda Tillstrom of Know Your City, a local non profit at the intersection of Art, local history, social justice and education here in Portland, Oregon


PDX Darlings Episode 1, Huy Pham

I interview Huy Pham, founder of Ashes to Ashes, Twelve Hour Dancer, and producer of Eleven. Huy and I talked at his office about dance, break dancing, not going to college and finding god. 

If you are interested in the hip hop book I mentioned during the interview you can check it out here: http://somnambulistzine.com/shop/portland-hip-hop-four-essays-on-style-and-place
Contact me: marthagrover@hotmail.com
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